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Artist statement


My work reflects my observation of the world around me. I strive to bring together energy, knowledge, patience and discipline. My art reflects my deep connection and respect for nature and world where we live. My intention is to reach perfection through simplicity and I want my art to speak for itself as universal language.

In my recent art work, I was inspired with the traditional art tools such as  palettes, mannequins, brushes, color tubes etc. For a long time I have been seeking the answer on the questions: What is art? Why are artists creating art? Why am I one of them? Through this cycle I wanted to give my answer to these questions. Creating art can be as hard as metamorphosis of a butterfly. But there is no other way. In every artist there is an inborn desire to create, just like birds have an inborn instinct to sing. Art is longing for freedom and wish to fly. Part of this cycle are Butterflies, Birds and IcARTus series. It is about flying and dreaming for the purpose of making the world a better and more enjyable place to live in.

By Nedo Kojic

© by Nedo Kojic 

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